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Fic: "The Queen's Blade"

Title: The Queen’s Blade

Summary: In an autumn where the Dúnedain face untold losses, a young blacksmith crafts her first blade.

Rating: Teen

Characters/Pairings: Isilmë, Huor, Dirhael, Nethril

Warnings: None

Author's Notes: This fic is for pandemonium_213, who requested a fic about Isilme’s first project as an apprentice. Many, many thanks to my betas, Indy and Salvage (especially Salvage, who isn't even in the fandom), and to Elleth for reading bits of this while it was still in workshop stages.

Apparently this fic is too long to post in one LJ entry!!!! (it's only 7,000 words, what the heck). In lieu of reading it here, you can find it at the AO3 here, and at MPTT here. Please check it out if you so desire--I'm particularly proud of this one and it's all I have to show for my summer, fandom-wise :P.

Fic: "Made by Maid"

Title: Made by Maid
Summary: Aragorn and Isilmë discuss the reforging of Narsil.
Rating: General
Characters/Pairings: Aragorn/Arwen, Nethril/Isilmë
Warnings: None

Author's Notes:This fic takes place the morning after the events of my fic, To the Day's Rising, though it's not necessary to have read that first. This fic also crosses over slightly with the Pandë!verse, and i am hoping at least a couple more Pandë!verse/Suz!verse intersections will follow this :). Many thanks to pandemonium_213 for letting me borrow a certain lady smith, and to ladyelleth and zopyrus for the beta.

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Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thank you so much in advance!! I am sure I am going to love whatever you write. I am fairly easy to please, and am a firm believer in “optional details are optional,” so if none of my prompts strike your fancy, please feel free to take liberties! That being said, prompts below:

Saga: Klara is my absolute favorite character of the comic, and I would absolutely love to see more of her backstory. What did she do before she met Barr? What was their early life together like? How was it raising Marko? Any of these would be great! Alternatively, I will never say no to Lying Cat & The Will adventures. 

Chronicles of Prydain: I would adore some Coll backstory here, and/or stories of him and Dallben having low-grade adventures around Caer Dallben. And/or Coll slowly figuring out how the heck to be a father figure to baby Taran. 

Thrawn Trilogy: I specifically only requested crew members of the Wild Karrde, mainly because I am in love with everyone on that ship and long to see more shenanigans and adventures starring everyone. 

Old Kingdom: I would LOVE to see more of Lirael and Sabriel interacting following the events of Abhorsen—you never get to see them interacting as sisters following the big reveal, and I imagine that would be a lot for them to both have to navigate. 

Thanks again, and happy Writing! 

<3 Suzelle 


Positivity Meme, day 2

Coming in at the eleventh hour because today was long and rough. But in some ways I guess, again, all the more reason to focus on the positives.

1. I never have to go back to the shitty group-therapy center in Chicago ever again!! And I plan to write an angry letter to the director detailing how exactly I think they mishandled a lot of my case. (this is positive, because I am asserting myself/making my feelings known as opposed to sitting on them and stewing).

2. I got the nicest email from my boss!! She said she was looking forward to having me back at work and that I should feel free to take it easy the first week back/feel free to leave the office early if I think I need to. I...might just take her up on that :P.

3. Am about to settle down and watch Casablanca with my dad. Pretty good way to spend my last night in Chicago, I think. 


Femslash Exchange Letter

This is a placeholder! 

Rare Charcters Letter

 Dear Writer,

First and foremost, thanks in advance for whatever you come up with! I'm really excited to write and receive fic for this exchange. Generally speaking, my preferences range wide--I will read pretty much anything that's pointed in my general direction. So, if the specific prompt ideas I have below don't speak to you and/or you have other ideas that you'd rather write, knock yourself out :). But for reference, my prompt ideas are below:

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Fic: "Wandering Light"

Title: Wandering Light
Summary: Elrond and Elros return to Sirion, take up sailing lessons with Círdan in Balar, and are forced to confront aspects of their past they’d both rather avoid.
Author's Note: With great thanks to cairistiona7 and zopyrus for the beta.

(Crossposted to the Archive here and SWG here.)
(Also posting this with slightly more fanfare than usual because it's the Silmarillion fic I've ever actually published! *jazz hands*)

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Fic: "It's Only a Paper, Moon"

Title: "It's Only a Paper, Moon"
Summary: Erestor abandons his chief assistant to night duty in Rivendell’s libraries. Merineth and Gilraen discuss history and explore the Noldorin archives.
Author's Note: This fic is a companion, of sorts, to zopyrus's story When the Moon Hits Your Eye, and she deserves great thanks for the inspiration, beta, and poaching allowances. Thanks also to sigridhr for the beta.

(Cross-posted to the Archive here!)

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"Burdens of the Wise" playlist

Finally followed in the footsteps of pandemonium_213 and put together a playlist for my B2MeM compilation story, "Burdens of the Wise." These were the songs I had playing on repeat when I was working on this fic, and I finally put them all in an order that flows well for me. A couple songs have a fair smattering of 21st-century references, so aren't ~strictly~ Tolkienian, but the meaning and sentiment fit so well that I kept them in. So, without further ado, here's the tracklist:

1. "All my Rage," Laura Marling
2. "Little Mercy," Doomtree
3. "The Beekeeper," Dessa
4. "Spirited," Laura Gibson
5. "Bad Blood," Bastille
6. "Lament for Frankie," Solas
7. "Veteran," Doomtree
8. "The Dance," Bear McCreary
9. "Many Moons," Janelle Monae
10. "Comfort," Deb Talan

In the further future I might put this up on 8tracks, but that would require rescuing my music files from my old laptop (which currently won't turn on). In the meantime, I've put together a YouTube playlist, which seems a bit hackneyed but will hopefully still serve the same purpose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR-AOZfLh7w&list=PLLIB-JWFixVgAnE2Ba68Yui9L59uGkIi9